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Sketchley Grange Wedding – Liz & Ashley

Wedding Photography


Liz & Ashley


14th July 2018


Sketchley Grange Hotel & Spa, Leicestershire

I had the pleasure of photographing, Liz and Ashley’s wedding back in  July. The wedding and reception were being held at Sketchley Grange Hotel and spa.

  • The actual wedding ceremony.
  • Every part of it was my favourite, I couldn’t choose which was the best, I loved it all.
  • Enjoy every second as it goes so fast.
  • Liz only started to feel nervous about an hour before the ceremony. Just tried to stay focused. Ash had been feeling nervous for weeks particularly with regards to his speech, he had a beer to help.
  • There weren’t any surprises really, I would say the main surprise was that everything went so smoothly, everyone turned up vendors and guests and everyone seemed to have a good time and the food was well received.
  • Go to wedding fares and look around for vendors, don’t be afraid to negotiate as we did with our venue and managed a 6% discount.
  • I felt really happy that the day had gone so well and I had had a fantastic time, a little sad that it was now all over.
  • I liked that Oliver was professional throughout, he was prompt and had a plan. He was considerate of the weather and that it was hot outside taking photos and ensured adequate breaks. I wouldn’t change anything, I think he captured some fantastic shots.

Enjoy A small selection of Liz and Ashley’s wedding photos. Please do leave a lovely comment for them at the bottom of the page. 


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A long and happy life.


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 I hope you have enjoyed the wedding photos, And now you’ve got this far you can enjoy their slideshow as well.