Tahnee’s Model photoshoot at Bradgate Park

Model Photoshoot

We had a great opportunity to go out on location for a model photoshoot, with the local camera club 18% grey this Thursday gone. We will all met up at Bradgate Park by old John, and it seemed like the whole club showed up there Must’ve been about 30 to 40 of us. There where several models to take photos of , As always it was a very pleasant evening with great company.

I was very pleased with the photos that came out from the model photoshoot on location at brad gate park. There was a bitterly cold wind on top of the hill that made the models eye water, I capture it in one of the photos. The sunset was amazing and made for an ideal setting for a backdrop that you couldn’t buy Love nor money.

This shows a great example of some of the work that we can do when we are out on location. I all ways take my own light sources so I have complete control, and this enables me to achieve the look that I want. You can find other examples of our model photoshoot or our site.

If you would like us to take you out on location for you very own photoshoot just drop me a line and we can arrange something special for you.