Headshot Photography Session

Many people make mistakes when they first make an impression. As someone in show business, you should be aware of the importance of an excellent first impression. So if you are looking for a photographer to take your headshot, come to our studio because we guarantee that you will get the best possible photo. Our session begins with an informal chat about your needs and your particular poses. We will create the best session for you, ensuring that it is perfect for your needs.


Your headshot session will last 60-90 minutes. We’ll start out with a little chat about what you’re looking for in photography, any poses or brands that you like, and how we can work together to get the best out of your headshot session.

Oliver Kershaw Photography Headshot

On location or in the studio

When you arrive at the appointment, I’ll take a lot of different headshots of you. Some will be classic, some will be candid, and some will be goofy! Afterwards, we’ll sit together on the computer and see what we got!

As the session progresses, we’ll know if things are going well or not. We’ll also find out what your favorite images are. I believe a good headshot session will depend on good communication! When you leave, you’ll have your own set of amazing headshots that are yours to keep. You can use them to promote yourself for a long time. It’s important for you to be happy with the photos—we want you to be happy, too.


Headshot Photography Session

Book Your Session today and receive a 25% discount, only valid for the first 10 bookings. 

How to start your journey   

Step one, select a date and time for your photography session.

Step Two, check your email for a confirmation email.

Step three, Choose your digital package

Fine art prints

Collection 1

  • Your Portrait session
  • 1 of your favourite images downloaded
  • Online gallery for viewing
Fine art prints

Collection 2

  • Your Portrait session
  • 5 High-rez images
  • Online gallery for viewing

Collection 3

  • Your portrait session
  • 10 High-rez images
  • 5 10×8 prints
  • Online gallery

Book your session

Due to the light fading early in the winter months, our evening sessions are in the studio only. 

Step one pick your time and date from the calendar above. 


Step to fill in Your contact information, We will send you out an email with a quotation to accept once accepted we will see you in the studio for your family photo session. 

The booking fee is £50 to secure your photo session.

As long as you have everything that you want in your family portrait collection, there will be no need to pay any more. Unless you want to buy additional prints or canvases

Yes, Of course. You can do this either by contacting me directly or ordering it through your gallery website link

Yes, Yes and Yes!! We also offer a print service online for friends and family to print your photos this ensures we maintain the highest quality.
The photos will come with a license to print on the USB as well, so you should have no problems at the shops.