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Barnsdale Hall Hotel Wedding – Ayesha & Danial

Wedding Photography


Ayesha & Dan


7th July 2018


Barnsdale Hall Hotel North, Oakham

I had the pleasure of photographing, Ayesha & Danial’s wedding back in July. The Wedding was held at Barnsdale Hall Hotel North, Oakham. Enjoy a small selection of their wedding photos and some helpful advice form the bride and groom too. 

Daniel’s most anticipated part of the day was Ayeshas reaction to the princess carriage. Ayeshas most anticipated part of the day was in the morning worrying that everyone would turn up and nothing going wrong
  • ayesha expected to have a normal wedding car so thought she had all the time in th world as the drive to the church was a 5 min drive, however she didn’t know she had a surprise carriage with horses that would take around 30mins to get to the church. this meant ayesha was 45 mins late. the church waited in anticipation for her arrival and the day continued like a dream
  • Daniel’s was the surprise singing undercover waiters which Ayesha arranged as a wedding present. Ayeshas favourite part was seeing our two beautiful flower girls dresses up as miniature versions of me with their big princess dresses they made us very proud. also my very best moment was seeing the way Daniel looked into my eyes when saying his vows, I will never forget that look of when he first seen me is my dress and whispered that I look amazing and how much he loves me.
  • Try not to worry as what will be will just go with the flow and enjoy yourselves
  • For some strange reason, I felt like I was in a bubble and didn’t get nervous at all which is very unlike me. Daniel squashes his nerves by having a beer in the bar with family and friends before the wedding ceremony
  • When Daniel surprised ayesha with the horses and princess carriage and ayesh a surprised Daniel with the undercover waiters. both not realising they has surprises for each other
  • happy and so in love but glad it was over so we can begin the rest of our lives together. we have been together since the age of 18 and were childhood sweethearts, with 2 little girls. this was the final thing we wanted to make us feel more complete as a family
  • hopefully buying out the 1st house and spending the rest of our lives together and being stronger as a couple than ever
  • Ayeshas dad Melton helped massively towards paying for the wedding and if it wasn’t for him our day wouldn’t of been as spectacular what it was. also Ayesha’s sister zinzi was a massive support with the planning and organising


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 I hope you have enjoyed the wedding photos, And now you’ve got this far you can enjoy their slideshow as well.